Friday, August 15, 2014

Rambly Friday

This week just slipped away.

Wednesday I spent 6 1/2 hours testing and interviewing for a job at a call center.  This was the first interview I've had basically ever.  It was crazy stressful.  When I got home I burst into tears and curled up on the couch.  Terrified that they would offer me a job -- I had made it to the final interview -- and that I would have to make a decision about working there.

They called me yesterday morning and told me they didn't have a place for me but I should definitely apply again in six months.

I was relieved and quite put out all at the same time.  The nerve of them not wanting me.  The relief that I didn't have to feel obligated to take the job just because they offered it to me and it has great benefits.

That was Wednesday.

Yesterday, after being rejected by the unwanted job, my iPhone decided to die a slow, excruciating, time sucking death.  I spent the day driving to the AT&T store and the Apple store and talking to Apple Care.  In total I made four trips to the mall yesterday and spent about two hours on the phone with Apple Care.

I ended up with a new phone but it was a complete loss of any work time.

Finally today I have no where to go until 3:00 and I can get some work done.  I'm hoping this calms my anxiety a bit.

I"ve been wanting to write about anxiety because mine is at such an all time high and managing it is a priority.  A priority which I don't seem to be meeting.

Today I'm just hoping to check things off the list and get a little more focused and actually accomplish something.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Day Fourish (?) of 100 days of blogging -- more kitchen

Thankfully I didn't commit to blogging 100 days consecutively.

OK, maybe I implied it, but I didn't specify it so I am officially off the hook.

Thank you me.

We slogged away on the kitchen all weekend.  Two days on the ceiling.  So far my least favorite job in the kitchen was sanding the dry wall on the ceiling, followed closely by sanding the walls.  Ugh.

Our house is nearly 100 years old and nothing is level or even or straight.  It's been quite a challenge to get the dry wall up and there are some pretty uneven spots.  Especially the point where the walls meet the ceiling.  I didn't think J47 was ever going to figure out how to join those together, but he did.  It took about a week of evenings filled with trial and error.

I wish I had a before picture to show you so you could understand the transformation.  Here's what it looks like now -- or at least while we were working this weekend.  And yes, I know it is just an ordinary ceiling but to me it is a wonderful, bright, clean ceiling:

I'm going to try and paint above and around the cabinets (at least) this week.  I've committed to the task of tiling the backsplash and need to start watching some tutorials.   Honestly I'm spending more time picking out the backsplash then I'll probably spend installing it.

OK, that's probably not true at all.